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"Yes... this is a basic question but you will hear it a lot as a creative. When did you start creating art and when did it become a passion?"

"I have heard it a lot and I laugh every time I explain the beginning of all of this. I was a kid who had to grow up with the internet and I will admit I actually had fun with it because I created content rather than posts of myself. I was part of a community of short video editors on Vine and it was my favorite thing because it was challenging for me. This somehow shaped my pathways on creating video that told me how visual music actually is." 



 "What are your creative goals? How are you creating content now?

"I have many creative goals because I feel well rounded in some areas of art and that comes from the experience, studying, being around creatives and where I've been. I have been an art student for six years and it is always a pleasure to work with others and you sorta need to for a big production video. When other's see a lack of content from me I have seen my recent focus, the pre production, the message and my health so I can put my all into it. When I'm ready."


"Creating the right message that portrays how much I've grown artistically and as a person is what you will get from what I have next and everything. I feel like a beautiful person right now, I want to make beautiful moments for beautiful people to watch."

"How are you feeling in your creative space?"

My creative space has been Philadelphia because I want it to be. My art is able to be about how I feel but no it's really about how others can feel in our world situations here. 


Social media or news content has been difficult for me to contribute to or enjoy for a while now. It's too much for me personally. I see and feel the online projections, perceptions, hate and comedy to distract me from our real problems. It's not for me and that's where a communication disconnect with other's my age is. I can't be heard or seen in my spaces because I choose not to be as present online. Once I share what I'm currently creating, the hope is that people can understand that I can't give you me online how you want, but I would give you my all in person. I know I found my right peoples when they are willing to check on my life outside of multiple apps.



1. “Could you share with us the inspiration behind your latest film project and how it reflects your artistic vision?”

“The inspiration is so many things that I will of course, try my best to reflect its impact on me and possibly reference. My biggest inspirations start with humans because of the cause and the effect of it all so I had to learn a lot for the project. The people that inspired me are really the reflection of the vision. Also a lot of cool beats and instrumentation. The music used in the film was a source of inspiration but not the lyrics, more so how the instruments could be visualized. 


A human I was inspired by was Reuben Mitchell who I was able to live next to as a kid and I didn’t know about his life enough. I believed Reuben’s story should be told to continue his spirit that connected with me when it came to being an artist. In my latest project Be Safe From Backyards I give you parts of that spirit and how it can contribute to the bigger picture. Philadelphia. The World. Reuben is a character in the film.”

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